President of the United States
special Government medal
New US Numismatic Identifier
The term President of the United States special Government medal (POTUS sGm) is a newly conceived U.S. numismatic identifier that I have  assigned to a series of fifteen special Government medal types that were procured by The White House Office from the U.S. Mint® (a.k.a. Bureau of the Mint prior to 1984)  for personal use by the President of the United States. These medals are official U.S. Government issues procured by The White House Office and produced by the Bureau of the Mint in the years 1958, 1959, 1960, and 1962.  

Currently, the U.S. Mint® enforces confidentiality of this procurement and has never released comprehensive design and production information related to these medals. As a direct result, these medals have been without proper numismatic identification, lack historical relevancy, and treated without due regard. 

My primary intent for this new U.S. numismatic identifier is to ​orchestrate a thought process whenever the term is visually or aurally encountered, This thought process associates the medal as belonging to the President of the United States (use of the acronym "POTUS") and the original medal was produced by the US Mint® (use of the acronym "sGm").

The term POTUS sGm is recognized as such, in that it points uniquely and unmistakably to the President of the United States (specifically, Dwight D. Eisenhower and John F. Kennedy) and the U.S. Mint®. The fame and reputation of the President of the United States and the U.S. Mint® is of such nature that a connection with the POTUS sGm is correctly presumed and is supported with evidentiary materials and documents.  

My secondary intent for this U.S. numismatic identifier is to formalize a globally acceptable numismatic identifer, as several of the original medals were awarded/issued outside the U.S. In addition, several current numismatic identifers were of a commercial nature or not all encompassing for the entire series,   ​​

My third intent for this U.S. numismatic identifier  is to advocate the use of the term special Government medal in the collector vocabulary as the third manufacturing function of the U.S. Mint®. The origin of the term special Government medal comes from the U.S. Mint® term "Special Medals for U.S. Government Agencies", which is part of their manufacturing triad.   The  triad manufacturing functions  includes:

   1. Manufacture coins for commerce 
   2. Manufacture national medals 
   3. Manufacture special Government medals for U.S. Government agencies

My fourth intent for creating this  U.S. numismatic identifier is to lay claim for the first discovery and series formation of the POTUS sGm which is based on my original  research contributions in the advancement of U.S. numismatic knowledge. In addition, my surname, Gomez, is used with individual POTUS sGm identifiers to provide recognition  of my contributions to U.S. numismatics for the first discovery, original  research findings,  initial series formation, and the establishment of the POTUS sGm series for the world-wide numismatic community.
Gomez Class 1 Obverse
The Making of a New U.S. Numismatic Medal Series
The POTUS sGm series has been organized and formed. As a result,  a new U.S. numismatic medal series has been established.  My numismatic research findings has removed the stigma overshadowing these original medals for over five decades as being unacknowledged products of the U.S. Mint®.  

My initial research findings were first published in February 2014 with the book titled, The Dwight D. Eisenhower Appreciation Medals, ISBN 1495348229. This was the first occurance in which general numismatic information (mintage, designers, purpose etc...) was substantiated with hard evidence from the National Archives and Records Administration. This is also the first occurance where the entire series was organized and formed.  

My ongoing research findings was also published in July 2015  with the book titled, Authoritative Numismatic Reference: Presidential Medal of Appreciation™ Award Medals 1958 - 1963, ISBN 1511786744. In this book I reorganized the original medals into five classes. In addition, I located an original President John F. Kennedy medal which met the criteria to be included as a presidential appreciation medal. I also developed a forerunner name of for this series of original numismatic medals, Presidential Medal of Appreciation. This name was inappropriately trademarked for the series and should not be used. 

My ongoing numismatic research focuses on four distinct areas to develop the POTUS sGm series. The four focus areas include: Production Chain, POTUS Provenance, Destruction Chain, and Artifact Chain. A planned book launch is expected which will be the third book which presents my ever increasing research findings.

My numismatic research utilized records from the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) to document my research findings. In addition, secondary research sources was used that include:  Annual Report from the Director of the Mint (1957 - 1964), Congressional records, regional numismatic reference books (Hawaii and Philippines), specialized reference books, auction catalogs, and individuals with interest in medals related to the President of the United States.
Gomez Class 2 Obverse
U.S. Numismatic Medals as Presidential Artifacts
There were fifteen types of apprecitory special Government medals produced for personal use by the President of the United States of America. (Two of these fifteen medals types were of a uniface design and allowed customized text to be engraved.)

Specific design elements identify the awarder/issuer as the President. These design elements include the President's name, initials, facsimile signature, and/or historical event of which the President was a primary participant.

These special Government medals were personally awarded by the President of the United States or issued with direction from the President of the United States. The medal itself allowed the President to distinctively express his presidential gratitude and establsihed a keepsake reminder for each recipient. Today, these original numismatic medals have the required evidentiary  documents for them to be substantiated as presidential artifacts. 

President Dwight D. Eisenhower awarded/issued fourteen different types of personalized special Government medals during his presidency

President John F. Kennedy awarded/issued a single personalized special Government medal during his presidency.​
Gomez Class 3 Obverse
The Five Classes of the POTUS sGm Series
The POTUS sGm series was organized into five different classes. My surname, Gomez, is used as part of the individual POTUS sGm identifiers to provide recognition of my contributions to U.S. numismatics for the first discovery, original  research findings,  initial series formation, and the establishment of the POTUS sGm series for the numismatic community.

The specific reason for the five diffferent classes is to aid collectors  to focus on:  varieties within a specifc class, a specific class,  a class type set, or the entire series.  

The separate classes will also allow related numismatic focus areas to include specific POTUS sGm classes to expand the focus area.  As examples, the Gomez Class 1 medals may be adopted by so-called 50C series and the Gomez Class 2 medals may be adopted by the so-called dollar series.
Gomez Class 1 - President Eisenhower. 30.6mm diameter, 2.6875mm thickness, smooth edge, 0.900 fine silver. A single obverse die is paired with three different reverse dies.

Gomez Class 2 - President Eisenhower. 38.1mm diameter, 2.98mm thickness, smooth edge, o.900 fine silver. A single obverse die is paired with eight different reverse dies. 

Gomez Class 3 - President Eisenhower, A single obverse die is paired with a single reverse die. 38.1mm diameter, 2.98mm thickness, and smooth edge. Struck in 18KT gold and o.900 fine silver. 

Gomez Class 4 - President Eisenhower, 76.2mm diameter and bronze. Four varieties exist for this  uniface die pair. 

Gomez Class 5 - President Kennedy. 44.0mm diameter and bronze. A single obverse die is paired a single reverse die.
Class 2 Obverse
Gomez Class 4 Obverse
(blank reverse)
Gomez Class 5 Obverse
Ongoing Numismatic Research and its Presentation
The following images documents my ongoing research and presentation of my findings.
DDE Presidential Library & Museum utilized my in-work  notes (my first book) to locate medals in their collection. Images of the medals were sent to me on this CD
My initial exhibit was the 2015 Baltimore Spring Expo (2nd place award for my first exhibit ever).  This certificate is from the 2015 Pennsylvania Association of Numismatists (PAN)  coin show in which I also earned a 2nd place award.
I presented my research findings (from my second book) at the 2015 ANA World's Fair of Money 
Certificate from the 2015 ANA World's fair of Money
Presidential artifact (Summer White House medal) with historical log of President Eisenhower stay at the Summer White House (Newport, Rhode Island) 
My second book resides in two Presidential Libraries (Eisenhower & Nixon).  A working chapter of my second book was sent to the Nixon Presidential Library to locate a Class 4 medal awarded to then Vice President Nixon. The staff was estatic as my workings notes filled in a knowledge gap about this mysterious  medal in their collection. They indicated my working chapter notes were to be part of the museum research notes. In reply, I told the staff I will send a published book (of which I did)
Frank Gasparro's sketches of his  Class 2 medal design (Common Class 2 Obverse and South America reverse) was located at the National Archives and Records Adminstration 
Intact presentation set consists of a Class 1 medal, 48-star envelope, and an engraved card with President Eisenhower's facsimile signature. Currently, only  91 presentation sets can be accounted from 1959 dated records. Names of the individual recipients are documented and known.
The 1st page (of 29 pages) of my original research paper describing:
1.  Creation of a discovery model for U.S. numismatic research. It explains the gap of knowledge  in U.S. numismatics  for focusing primarily on the physical aspect of discovery. (POTUS sGm  series is a prime example of a half-century knowledge gap). It provides a solution by presenting a discovery model and its methodology for use.

2. The storyline of the  research performed that lead to the discovery. The formation and  organization of  the POTUS sGm research model  is discussed. The storyline is tied to the research discovery model.

3. Debut of the POTUS sGm series is presented  with its research findings  and conclusions used to form the POTUS sGm series.

Informational Videos
The following videos provide information relating to the POTUS sGm. Some of the information may be OBE (Overcome By Events) based on my continued research.
I created this YouTube video for Hawaii collectors which provides  the documents used to determine the exactness of the surviving population for Gomez-C2-07  
This video documents the discovery of the 1959 President Eisenhower (Gomez-C1-02) presentation set 
This video documents the "Paris Summit
medal" Gomez-C2-02
This video documents the  President Kennedy medal (Gomez-C5-01)
Dwight D. Eisehower the Numismatist
This downloadable pdf provides insight about Dwight D. Eisenhower the Numismatist
This video shows the remarkable toning on a "Paris Summit medal"
Upcoming Book  Launch
My two previous books which documents these medals are out of print and I do not plan to make additional copies available. However, a new book is in draft form and will be published.  Stay tuned for the book launch by American Numismatic Press ! 

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